Eat at Km 0, vegan and vegetarian

Vegan and vegetarian

For those who have decided to follow a particular vegetarian or vegan diet, here with us, you will be spoiled for choice.

Our territory is rich in fruit and vegetables, as well as the renowned vineyards: in Val d'Orcia and Valdichiana, you can find crops of wheat, olive legumes and fruit, also many farms are converting to organic and biodynamic agriculture.

Agriculture is an important job and business opportunity for young people who often return to work on their grandfather's old farm, perhaps after graduating.

Being a farmer no longer represents a low social status, which imprisoned minds and bodies, from generation to generation, as it was up to seventy years ago, today is a free and reasoned choice.

You can find typical seasonal local products directly in the grocery and fruit and vegetable shops within the country, or in small supermarkets or at the weekly market

Here are some examples of local entrepreneurship

Elena and Nazzareno

at the market every Thursday

From the beautiful and very fertile lands of Lake Bolsena, for more than twenty years, they have been selling their products here too.

If in the other stalls, you can find everything, in any season, in theirs, no!

In spring, in fact, there are artichokes and asparagus, new onions and salad, in summer, beautiful ripe and juicy tomatoes, basil and then cucumbers, aubergines, courgettes, in autumn, cabbage, spinach, potatoes, chestnuts and walnuts, grapes, in winter chickpeas, beans, kohlrabi and red cabbage, radicchio, apples.

With them it turned out that seasonality, which equates to variety. For their products, no synthetic fertilizers are used, not even of animal origin, but honey and water or pomegranate extract and water. The variety also serves as a defense against plant or root diseases.

Without wanting to demonize industrial and extensive agriculture, (which in recent decades has fed millions of people at low prices), Elena and Nazzareno are the symbol of the new Italian business class, that

who has the courage to think for themselves, not to conform or mimic, that does not only look at the portfolio and the earnings, the one that still believes and invests in the future.

Lapecheronza farm

by Benedetta Corsi

It arises from the need to savor what our Valdichiana offers us.
For years the company has been producing fruit, vegetables, salami, honey, oil and jams in full respect of the peasant traditions of our land.

Lapecheronza dedicates its name to bees, a symbol of healthy agriculture which is based on respect for nature and its balance.

more information about

Cugusi Silvana Dairy

For picnics directly to the dairy:

Silvana Cugusi represents an excellence of the Val'd'Orcia.

In the 60s and 70s, the abandoned farms and countryside were repopulated by the Sardinian shepherds and their numerous families, mostly from the center of Sardinia: from Baronia, Barbagia, Ogliastra.

It was not an immigration, but rather a real colonization, which has not completely distorted the territory but on the contrary, has enriched and renewed it.

Silvana has followed in the footsteps of her father Raffaele and today she is a very good cheesemaker. It has received international awards and you can taste its products directly on the farm. Pecorino di Pienza is known all over the world, but without the mastery of Sardinian shepherds and cheesemakers ... who knows if it would have had such a great success ...!