To ensure that the house does not turn into a location, into a sad container, but is again a living and pulsating thing, the Encounters Project wasideated and realized together with the Biblioteca Comunale Archivio Storico Piero Calamandrei, the Centofiori Bookstore, the town's bookstore, and with great pleasure, with the Cultural Department of the Municipality of Montepulciano.

Project open to any Association or Entity that wants to participate.

As a company, I will offer a stay to some special people: writers, poets, filmmakers, professors/researchers, essayists, novelists, in exchange for a public presentation of their work, of their message, which should be held in the Master Room of the Palazzo del Capitano, where the Library is located, or in any other public place, a presentation dedicated primarily to the community .

The meetings are posted on YouTube.