Guided tours

The best tour guides for an unforgettable tour in our beautiful territory


Hello! My name is Serena, fully licensed tour guide, born and raised in Siena. Beside my studies on art & history, I am also 3 ^ level certified Sommelier, EVOO certified taster and local food expert. Sometimes the idea of ​​a "guide" brings you to the image of a boring day, a lot of names and dates, always following the one that talks, talks, talks and ... never listens to your preference and desires!

I'm NOT that kind of guide holding the flag on top of 50 noisy people, that's for sure!!!


Choose me! Walk around with a "local friend" in a single word .. the true magic of this fantastic land!

Write me an email, tell me what you like and I will answer you within a few hours with all my ideas and details for a memorable tailored private tour!!!



My name is Francesca Raspanti and I’m a fully licensed tour guide since 2008 even if I started to work in tourism in 1999.
I took a degree in history of art in 2001 and after few years I decided to join my passion of art to that for wine and food for this reason I got a sommelier diploma and I attended two regional courses about extra virgin olive oil and cheese!
I was born and I live together with my family in the country side of Montepulciano and the reason why I’ve never leave my area is simply because looking out my house windows I can see something that complete my soul and my heart.
Touring with me means to meet local people and watch things with another perspective: the one that only a local person can have! Take a tour with me to be sure to bring at home a real piece of Tuscany!



My name is Andrea Renieri and I was born in Montepulciano in 1966. I have a degree in History of Art from the Siena University and in 1999 I qualified as a tourist guide. To learn English I lived for a year in England and the United States, where I spent a wonderful period of my life. In 1999 I started work as a tour guide in collaboration with the Pienza tourist office but now I work for myself. I studied history of art because of a personal passion and I looked for, in my life, to do a job that could be based on my interests: to have a profession that one likes is a good thing. I learnt about art from books and museums, but above all from visits to the studios of some artists such as my friend Gianni Cacciarini, a Florentine painter who has a great technical capacity (some of his paintings and etchings are conserved in the Uffizi Museum in Florence) and who is the painter of my portrait that you can see reproduced in the photo above. I have also had the pleasure to know his master, the famous painter Pietro Annigoni. I love realistic painting (as well I also appreciated some forms of more avant-garde painting) and so I am always inclined towards painters who paint in a traditional technical style, which via with my work I often have to explain to people. Another font from which I have learnt is from my history of art and restorer friends.



My name is Sara Goracci and I am a somewhat out-of-the-box environmental hiking guide in beautiful Tuscany. My hikes are based on the art of encountering nature, where every element present is a character to be encountered and admired.

For me, hiking in nature is not just a simple, distracted walk, but it means encountering all the elements around us from the trees, to the smallest insects, to the smallest specks of soil.

With each step we enter into relationship with a world that is different from our own but shares with us a presence in the Earth.